Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Terms of Reference

The main purpose of the Carlton and Chellington Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is to oversee the preparation and production of the Neighbourhood Plan for the parish based on the information gathered in line with the agreed project plan and consultation strategy.

The Steering Group shall comprise no more than 8 members of which 3 will be Parish Councillors. It will appoint its own chair. Membership shall be formally approved by the Parish Council.

Meetings will be held as required to ensure that the timelines agreed in the project plan are met. These meetings will not normally be open to members of the public, but individuals/stakeholders may attend if specifically invited by the Steering Group. An appointed chair will preside at all meetings, and a meeting agenda will be circulated 5 days before any meeting.

The Steering Group will vote on all important decisions and, in the event of a tided vote, the Chair shall have the casting vote.

The production of the Neighbourhood Plan is the responsibility of the Parish Council, delegated in the main to the Steering Group to prepare on their behalf. The plan making process remains the responsibility of the Parish Council as the qualifying body and, therefore, all key decisions must be formally approved by the Parish Council, including those on expenditure. The Steering Group shall have responsibility to incur costs in line with an approved budget allocated for neighbourhood planning purposes.

The Steering Group will carry out the following roles
– Be accountable for steering and providing strategic management of the Neighbourhood Plan for Carlton and Chellington Parish
– Produce, monitor and update a project plan
– Produce a consultation and engagement strategy showing how the public will be involved through the process
– Regularly repot back to the Parish council for endorsement of decisions taken
– To undertake analysis and evidence gathering to support the plan production process
– Actively support and promote the preparation of the Carlton and Chellington Neighbourhood Plan throughout then duration of the project
– Liaise with relevant authorities and organisations to make the plan as effective as possible
– Gather data from a wide range of sources to ensure that the conclusions reached are fully evidenced and that the aspirations and issues of all residents are understood
– Consult as widely and thoroughly as possible to ensure that the draft and final NDP is representative of the views of residents
– Agree, subject to ratification by the Parish Council, a final submission version of the Carlton and Chellington Neighbourhood Development Plan

The minutes of meetings and any relevant reports will be circulated to all members of the Steering Group, by email, no later than 2 weeks after the date of the meeting and posted onto the website here as draft documents until approved by the Steering Group

There will be a separate page on the village website for the Neighbourhood Plan. All relevant documents will be published on this website as soon as is practicable. In addition the Parish Councils Facebook page will also be used to disseminate information as required

Public Participation
It is accepted that public participation and engagement are an essential part of the Neighbourhood Planning process. Public participation will be primarily via a programme of events and consultation sessions which will be advertised on the website, Facebook page, and where possible if time allows in The Bridge.